Educational aims and description of the program

This vocationally oriented Master program in Physical Activity, Health and Exercise Therapy is a one-year postgraduate program (60 ECTS). It has been designed as a multidisciplinary, interfaculty study program, which upgrades the graduate degree in Sport Science or in other disciplines  in a integrative and vocationally oriented manner, involving various University Faculties: Medicine, Sport and Physical Education,Psychology,  Education and Rehabilitation. The primary educational aim of this study is the development of an expert who has appropriate level of knowledge, skills, behaviors and competencies to work independently and effectively as the consultant in the area of physical activity in health, education, fitness and wellness, and rehabilitation. This program provides to the participants an opportunity  to acquire knowledge and understanding necessary to apply scientific principles and critically analyze physical activity/exercise with patient-centered approaches. In this regard, the course offers learning outcome guaranteeing the acquisition of knowledge, competences and ability to upgrade techniques and theories utilizing research sources, enabling to plan, develop and manage programs of exercise prescription for prevention, improvement of physical abilities, but also for these who suffer from chronic diseases  and we can use exercise as  a therapeutic mean.

The vocationally oriented Master program in Physical activity, Health and Exercise Therapy– P.A.H.E.T. has been proposed and primarily developed by the University of Belgrade under the supervision of all SPEED members. The SPEED consortium approved the final proposal  on  17 May 2015, during the Elbasan meeting.
The program has been accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Serbia on 12 February 2016 and it will start within the regular teaching offer from the University of Belgrade on the 2016-2017 academic year, with contribution from the School of Medicine, Faculty of Sport and Physical Education,Faculty of Philosophy - Department of Psychologyand Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation.

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