Educational aims and description of the program

Being one of the countries with the highest rate of vitality of the population in Europe, Kosova* has ranked sports as one of the national priorities that will serve as a tool to support in preparing and integrating the youth in the world of global sports including participation related sport activities, school sports, senior sports, disabled sports, leisure sports, recreation sports, health related sports, fitness sports, wellness sports, adventure sport, prevention, rehabilitation among many others.
The fast-paced dynamics of opening of sports schools for the youth, in many different sports branches, the need to activate social sports that would support to reanimate physical activity in the community, the need to gain popularity and involve females in the sports, re-applying the system of interschool contests and involvement of the youth for the purpose of ensuring a more refined selection for elite sport present the main argument of the need to offer this program. Furthermore, the fact that Kosovo* is a country in transition and the job market, regarding PES is still not regulated brings the necessity to have a program that would enable preparation that would provide professional coaching qualification

The vocationally oriented Master program in SPORT COACHING has been proposed and primarily developed by the University of Prishtina under the supervision of all SPEED members. The SPEED consortium approved the final proposal  on  17 May 2015, during the Elbasan meeting.
The program has been approved by the Senate on 17 January 2017 and it  will be submitted to the accreditation procedure on May 2017 with the aim to start the program  within the regular teaching offer from the University of Pristina on the 2017-2018 academic year, with contribution from the Faculty of  Physical Education and Sports.

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