Educational aims and description of the program

The V.O. Master in Sport & Tourism Management is established beside the Faculty of Physical Activity & Recreation, of Sports University of Tirana and is intended as an academic labour market oriented program, which offers professional preparation in the application of business principles to the sport & tourism industry. Students will undertake courses in organisation, management, marketing, economics and computer applications. The Sport and Tourism Management courses will focus, among other, on the business aspect of sports in sports marketing, sport ethics, sport finance and facility and events organisation and management.
The increasing commercialization of sport means a growing job market for well-educated sport managers. Therefore, graduates of the Master in Sport and Tourism Management are qualified for top-level management positions in all kinds of sport organizations. The program is geared specifically to providing students with the demanding knowledge base to get ahead in sport economy. Students can enter into leadership positions in general sport and tourism management as well as in areas such as budget, personnel, strategy and development.

The vocationally oriented Master program in Sport & Tourism Managementhas been proposed and primarily developed by the Sports University of Tirana, under the supervision of all SPEED members. The SPEED consortium approved the final proposal on 17 May 2015, during the Elbasan meeting.
The program has been approved by the Senate on 25. 10. 2016 and will start within the regular teaching offer from the Sports University of Tirana on the 2016-2017 academic year, with contribution from the Faculty of Physical Activity and Recreation.

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