WP Type Ref. N° Activities Due date Dec 2013 Jan 2014 Feb 2014 Mar 2014 Apr 2014 May 2014 Jun 2014 Jul 2014 Aug 2014 Sep 2014 Oct 2014 Nov 2014
DEV 1.1 PC SpS HE system in the new WB socio-economic picture Apr'14             
DEV 1.1.1 Comparison of sport science curricula among PCs and EUP    Apr'14    
DEV 1.1.2 Alumni, socio-economics and job market survey Apr'14    
DEV 1.2 Learning outcome and competence based harmonization of SpS HE system in WB Sep'14    
DEV 1.2.1 Identifying new competences in SpS Jul'14    
DEV 1.2.2 Agreement on common SpS HE system among Albania, Serbia, Kosovo (under UNSCR 1244) and FYRoM  Sep'14    
DEV 2.1 Joint Master and LLP curricula in Sport professions Sep'15   
DEV 2.1.1 Seminar on VET at higher qualification levels Aug'14    
DEV 2.1.2 Vocationally oriented SpS Master and LLP in EU – Study visits  Sept'14    
DEV 2.1.3 Designing Master and LLP curricula in Sport Professions May'15            
DEV 2.1.4 Approval and accreditation of Master and LLP in Sport professions Sep'15                        
DEV 3.1 Teaching methodology, tools & infrastructure updated Sep'15             
DEV 3.1.1 Distance Learning key competences and technology Sep'14    
DEV 3.1.2 Intensive English courses Apr'14    
DEV 3.1.3 New teaching tools and methodology Sep'15    
DEV 3.1.4 Equipping Centers for vocationally oriented students’ training  Sep'15    
DEV 3.2 ICT platform for works’ placement in SpS sectors May'15   
DEV 3.2.1 Implementing ICT platform for works’ placement in SpS sectors Feb'15    
DEV 3.2.2 ICT platform training for works’ placement PC staff May'15    
DEV 4.1 New VO Teaching courses for Master and LLP in Sport professions Jul'16             
DEV 4.1.1 Master and LLP Pilot courses in WB HEIs Jul'16                        
DEV 4.1.2 Joint, international, Intensive modules Apr'16                        
DEV 4.1.3 Students’ mobility towards EU HEIs Jul'16                        
DEV 4.2 Evaluation report of implemented Master and LLp courses Oct'16             
DEV 4.2.1 Student and Teaching staff evaluation Jun'16                        
DEV 4.2.2 External peer review evaluation  Sep'16                        
DEV 4.2.3 Final SPEED Conference Oct'16                        
QPLN 5.1 Establishment of SPEED Quality control and monitoring Feb'14  
QPLN 5.1.1 Regular Project Monitoring Plan Feb'14
QPLN 5.2 SPEED progress and reports Sep'16
QPLN 5.2.1 Evaluation feedbacks from participants Sep'16
QPLN 5.2.2 Peer review through Inter-Tempus project coaching Apr'16
QPLN 5.2.3 Internal and external curriculum evaluation Sep'16                        
QPLN 5.2.4 Accreditation and Intern. recognition of new programs Sep'15                        
QPLN 5.3 Report on Factual Findings Nov'16             
QPLN 5.3.1 External Financial Audit Nov'16                        
DISS 6.1 SPEED interactive website Jan'14             
DISS 6.1.1 Project website design, implementation & updating Nov'16
DISS 6.2 Seminar and conferences’ reports & publications Nov'16             
DISS 6.2.1 Seminar and conferences Nov'16
DISS 6.2.2 Internal round-table Oct'16
DISS 6.3 SPEED information dissemination tools Nov'16
DISS 6.3.1 SPEED Information Dissemination Tools Nov'16
DISS 6.3.2 Media and web advertising Nov'16
EXP 7.1 New or harmonized degree programs accredited Sep'15             
EXP 7.1.1 Institutional approval Jun'15                        
EXP 7.1.2 Ministerial accreditation Sep'15                        
EXP 7.2 New SpS sectorial qualifications for job market needs Nov'16             
EXP 7.2.1 Involvement of students and stakeholders Nov'16
EXP 7.2.2 ICT platform for university –stakeholders networking Nov'16
MNGT 8.1 Project management plan established and carried out  Nov'16
MNGT 8.1.1 Creation of a consolidated project management plan Dec'13
MNGT 8.1.2 Coordinating meetings 1-6 Nov'16
MNGT 8.1.3 Project implementation Nov'16
MNGT 8.2 ICT consortium networking Jan'14  
MNGT 8.2.1 ICT-platform for consortium networking Jan'14



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